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Automating the future

Raracurio has pioneered engineering automation technologies and processes for several industries, including mining and infrastructure, and custom fashion manufacturing. We're driven to automate even the most complex of processes so humans can focus on what's important - the bigger picture. Our work includes:

  • Engineering design automation and project delivery framework
  • Client and vendor API for streamlined procurement practice
  • Mass-custom fashion manufacturing and pattern-generating systems


Here's a quick overview of some of our projects

Engineering design

Automates the design of small- to large-scale mining and infrastructure projects. The technology will eventually replace offices full of engineers with the click of a button. The web application has been built for a global engineering, procurement and construction management firm, however a SaaS release is planned in the near future.

Mass-custom fashion

Creates custom designed and fitted fashion patterns in seconds. The web application is used by tailors and dressmakers to produce high-volume clothing, customised to individual preferences and fit. The technology addresses the shortfalls of standard sizing in the age of eCommerce, making bespoke clothing accessible to mass consumers.

Innovative social

Innovative social networking app for the mobile age. Users can swipe through meetups around them and spontaneously hangout with new people. This fun little side project, named 'Let's Go', is available for download for iOS and Android. It's geared towards expatriates, tourists and urbanites looking to hangout with people nearby.


Introducing the team members that lead Raracurio